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The History Of Blood Sucking Thorobred Vampires And Their Conquests


Hey … Are you a vampire constantly seeking new victims because the old ones wear out and decompose? Well, this San Diego Manufacturer of the realist, life-like dolls (Full Size) on the planet are offering a solution. They can customize you a vampiric love slave that will last you a millenium.

Watch the video below as one of our fans take a trip into the REAL DOLL love cript.

This is bizarre, even for us.


shan-medWell .. funny you should ask. There are 3 noted ways in the Vampire Scriptures and Lore. You can BE BORN A BLOODSUCKER. You can be BITTEN unwillingly (or willingly in the case of my ex) or by death…

Vampires as have been noted, feed on human beings, not pastrami sandwiches as one marketing rep of a Kosher Bagel shop in my neighborhood would like customers to think. A vampire bites the person in the neck, as far as we know, as when the first vampire movies came out, it was a very PG rated place to place an unlikely bite.

That person, as a result from the bite becomes one of the undead themself, a great club to belong to, but at a very high membership price, your mortality.

Now, what scares the bejesus out of Vampires? Some of my garlic, encrusted Italian relatives have no fear of Vampires. Matter-of-fact, my aunt from Italy dusted under her armpits with fine garlic powder on a daily basis (Believe me, it was an improvement).

Vampires shy away from Religious talk (or maybe they just are bored with boring sermons).

Vampires sleepwalk, have bad hygiene (heck, they only have one pair of clothes and sleep in the same worm-infested crypt for centuries), have foul breath and they are whiter-skinned than an Albino Mudslapper.

A child can be born (according to lore) a vampire by being born on a holy day, a new moon, equinox or being born with a weird attribute, like an extra nipple in the middle of their forehead (hey, don’t laugh, I know some guys that would probably be into that). Some say, if a child dies before Baptism, it is a sure indication. Or being born the seventh son of a seventh son. A good and reliable sign that a child has become a vampire or soon to become one, if the child rips mom’s jugular vein open during breast feeding .. although some dentists claim that could just be related to ‘teething’.

In Romania, home of many thirsty bloodsucker reincarnates, they believe burying someone face up will result in them returning as a vampire. My aunt matter-of-fact, was so mean in her life, my uncle buried her face down in the unlikely event she’d try to dig her way up. He said, “This will ensure, the more she digs, the deeper she gets.”

But then again, all this is lore and probably myth. I have to go now. It will soon be dawn and I have to return to my children of the night … and sleep.


The CW's Vampire DiariesFive Million wanna-be-bloodsuckers tuned in to see the CW Networks – “The Vampire Diaries” debut.

It doesn’t take too much now a days to have a successful mix. Throw in a couple of ancient, moth-balled bloodsuckers with a lot of ‘hot’ looking teens and you have instant rating success.

CW jumped on the bandwagon after watching the success of the Twilight Film and HBO’s True Blood Series.


They literally will make you walk in your sleep

They literally will make you walk in your sleep

Is a vampire really a mythical creature who overcomes death by draining the blood from the neck of living humans, preferably virgins.

The myth portrays the vampire as a dead person who rises from his neatly tucked away coffin at night to seek his victim from the confines of a comfortable sleep, complete with Victorian windows flying open unaided.

The Legend started with Bram Stokers’s novel Dracula and soon the creative lore of legend added to the Vampire Myth the ability to fly and turn into a vampire bat; a lust for very bodaciously-endowed, beautiful women as victims who then become children of the night, aka vampires, upon being bitten.

Vampires in movie lore, fear of the symbol of the Christian cross; the repelling power of garlic, garlic flowers and even a garlic encrusted pizza.

A vampire can only be killed by direct exposure to sunlight or by a wooden stake driven through the heart.

The myth started loosely on the story of the 15th century warrior, Vlad the Impaler.

Bram Stoker did not base his vampire Count on Vlad the Impaler. He just borrowed Vlad’s nickname (Dracula) for the vampire figure he had already conceived.

Legends of bloodsucking creatures who lurk the darkness are found in many cultures throughout history.


Bela Lugosi - The Original Count DraculaCan you believe it? Movies like Twillight.

Vampires are alive and well and sucking up the buck-a-roos
at the box office.  Remember the original bloodsucker …
It was none other than Bela Lugosi, the original Dracula.

When the movie first came out, women would swoon.
They’d write Bela, offer to bear his children .. wanted to be his
subservient servant. Darn, didn’t they know this was a fantasy.

Check out Bela Lugosi’s site … It’s great.
They have an animated vampire movie in flash with
Bela coming out of the grave … It’s just that cool.

Check it out.

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Below Is Something Most UNLIKELY TO HAPPEN ..
A Vampire reading his viewer Mail On Manhattan Cable TV

Very Very Strange Indeed !