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The History Of Blood Sucking Thorobred Vampires And Their Conquests

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A Siliconed ‘Real Doll’ A Vampire Can Sink His Teeth In

October 2, 2009

Real Doll, Vampire Love Dolls, Vampire dolls, demonic dolls, love slaves, fun with being single

How Can I Become A Vampire ?

September 18, 2009

Well .. funny you should ask. There are 3 noted ways in the Vampire Scriptures and Lore. You can BE BORN A BLOODSUCKER. You can be BITTEN unwillingly (or willingly in the case of my ex) or by death… Vampires as have been noted, feed on human beings, not pastrami sandwiches as one marketing rep […]

Vampire Diaries Are Putting Bloodsuckers In The News

September 14, 2009

Five Million wanna-be-bloodsuckers tuned in to see the CW Networks – “The Vampire Diaries” debut. It doesn’t take too much now a days to have a successful mix. Throw in a couple of ancient, moth-balled bloodsuckers with a lot of ‘hot’ looking teens and you have instant rating success. CW jumped on the bandwagon after […]

What Is A Vampire

September 10, 2009

What is a vampire? How did the legend start? Where did the name Dracula come from? Who is the mysterious character Vlad? How do you kill a vampire who is preying upon you?